Are You Facing a Misdemeanor DUI Charge?

Are You Facing a Misdemeanor DUI Charge?

Contact an experienced DUI attorney in Kennewick, WA

Being accused of driving under the influence can put your entire future - and your freedom - in jeopardy. If you're facing misdemeanor DUI charges, you need to speak with a DUI defense attorney ASAP. Cano Law has been representing clients in Kennewick, WA and surrounding areas since 2012.

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Stepping into the defense process, you may not know what to expect. That's why Attorney Cano is here to guide you. As your DUI defense attorney, he will...

  • Go over the details of the incident with you
  • Gather as much evidence as possible for your defense
  • Stand up for you and advocate for you in court

Working with an experienced DUI attorney will give you the best chance at success while building your defense. Contact our firm today to set up an appointment.